I’m now 60 years old, and like so many I have tried just about everything to achieve financial success and freedom that we all seek.  So here’s my story…

I started training as a locksmith when I left school, then went into textiles where I achieved Technical Director at my career peak. Then the industry bombed, company after company closed or moved away to other countries. During a period of unemployment, I was given a Sinclair ZX 81 and my love affair with computers and programming started.

Since that time I have been involved with computers to a certain level up till today where I now run a computer repair shop.

Since that time I have been seeking the path to making money online with varying amounts of success. The outcome of this as I’ve jumped from the latest thing to the next latest thing of shiny so-called marketing tools and systems, which for one reason or another promise loads yet produce very little or nothing at all. I have lost count of the wasted money and products I have purchased seeking this goal and all they seem to have done is distract me rather than move me forward. Focus has always been an issue, too much choice maybe.

Having sworn to stop this repetition of the same old same old, I have been treading water for a while.

But I never give up so here I am with another go starting with the basics and pushing forward based on a solid foundation.

Join me as I venture forward into the world on an Internet Marketer. So as I go, learning different things, I’m going to document them on my blog––both good things and any mistakes.  There will also be offers to help show you some ways to actually earn money yourself.  So why not subscribe to my blog and visit often.  Plus if I can help you in some way, just let me know.