Start Building Your Email List

When asked, all experienced internet marketers say, “the money’s in the list”
and it’s absolutely true. Website visitors may only visit your website once, but subscribers to your mailing list are people you can contact over and over again. Growing your list takes time and effort, but you can make it a whole lot easier by using PLR in a variety of ways!

When starting list building, preparation is key.

I highly recommend you start building your list as soon as possible. When starting a brand new blog, being prepared to be collecting email addresses from the very first blog post is a priority. And if your starting from scratch and have no email list yet, I highly recommend you start growing it before releasing any paid product.

You don’t have to have everything in place to get started, you don’t have to know exactly what you’ll email your subscribers yet – but you will kick yourself in the future if you don’t start now!

Step 1 Email Marketing Services

Although it costs money to sign up to an email marketing service, it will pay for itself once you start building that list and making more sales. I’ve included a few options for auto-responder services below to suit different budgets.

If you haven’t signed up to one yet, I really want you to seriously consider doing so today. Here are a few different options:

Aweber – This is what I used to get started – they offer a $1 trial to give you some time to get the most out of it.

MailChimp – This is another service I use for a non-profit organization I help out with. We use this because it is free, but bear in mind that you won’t be able to send affiliate offers on the free plan. It might be a good option to grow your list on a tight budget, though!

Mailzingo – Want to get complete control on your email marketing campaigns and kick out those money sucking autoresponders? Dr. Amit is here for you, my friends. MailZingo will surely take the industry by the storm and will help marketers to generate more leads from any blog, eCommerce or WordPress site. Yet another killer product from Dr. Amit and his techno-savvy team.

Using Free Stuff to Grow Your Lists

One of the best ways to grow your list is to offer your subscribers free related stuff. Your visitors probably already get too many emails every single day, so you need to offer them something of value to encourage them to sign up for even more.

This can be be something that really helps them in some way. Your blog posts will be helpful, of course, but your freebie will take this even further. The ideas below should help you think of something related to your own niche.

The Best Type of Freebie – Content Upgrades

I keep hearing about “content upgrades” all over the internet. Basically this is a new type of list building that means including very small, but very targeted, freebies with some of your best blog posts.

For example, you might have a really useful blog post all about stocking your kitchen with the healthiest superfoods. You could then offer an “upgrade” to that blog post that your readers have to sign up to your email list to get. The upgrade could be a downloadable shopping list of those superfoods.

So the idea is that you offer some useful content in your blog post, but that your reader has to subscribe to get that little bit extra to help them use it better.

This is a great way to build your list because it means you get very targeted subscribers who are interested in specific topics. It also works well with PLR elements such as checklists and worksheets.

So How Do You Get Started FAST?

There’s no excuse not to start building your list when you’ve already got PLR to use as a short-cut! Here are 7 ideas to get you started…

  • Offer a PLR report as a valuable free gift with opt-in. This is the classic list-building method, but in some niches you may find that other kinds of freebies work better.
  • Go beyond the basic free eBook or report and use other PLR elements: checklists, worksheets, workbooks, resource guides, top niche tools etc. These all work well because they are actionable and easy to digest – yet still valuable to your readers!
  • Repeat these gifts many times over in the form of content upgrades. The more free gifts (and content upgrades) you have out there, the faster you’ll grow your list. Don’t just stop at one freebie. You can offer a variety of gifts, on different blog posts, to better target your subscribers and get more people on your list.
  • Use PLR as a foundation for different formats – you could take an article and turn it into a video, or turn a report into a video series. You can also record audio versions of reports. A plain report might not seem that valuable to your readers, but when you turn it into a video series it suddenly seems incredibly generous!
  • Create a free membership site filled with quality PLR content. A free membership site is a very easy way to get people onto your list. They have to register for the membership to get all the valuable content, so you’ll be able to contact them over and over again.
  • Create an email eCourse to teach your readers something useful about the niche. These still work very well for list building. Many PLR packs now come with eCourses included, though you can also simply re-purpose a report or eBook into an eCourse.
  • Run a free webinar or teleseminar based on a PLR product. Free events like this can attract a lot of new subscribers and you can create your script from PLR content. Just create a subscription form that requires the user to register and then you can deliver the webinar or teleseminar information on the thank you page.

List building is much easier when you have the core content components all ready to go. By using PLR, you can set things up quickly and then spend more of your time promoting your offers and growing your list more quickly.

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By for now. Anthony


  • carl melton

    Reply Reply 11th May 2017

    Thanks Anthony.

    This is almost the perfect post for where i am in my journey at the moment.
    I need to build a warm (hot?) email list to move forward, and this post gives me lots of really useful information to go from.
    Like many others (I suspect) I have loads of PLR, and now I may just have something I can use it for.

    Excellent. Thanks


  • David Wakeman

    Reply Reply 12th March 2018

    Hello Anthony,

    This is really good information. Taking what you already have from other sources and using it as a giveaway makes good sense.

    When I consider all of the PLR that I have received from others, I am now looking at how I can use this to enhance my website and offer it to people who visit.



  • Dave Thomas

    Reply Reply 20th August 2018


    The key to using any PLR content is to make it your own and style it with your own personality. You have to make the reader see that you have put some effort into the content you are sending them.

    Just taking someone else’s piece of PLR and sticking it directly into a free report may seem a nice easy way to get it out there, but redrafting it how you would have written it adds a completely new slant to the article.

    I’m not saying completely rewrite it, but add your own versions of parts of it the way you would write it!

    When you write anything, you always have your own style so you need to put this into anything you use be it free PLR so the reader knows it is from you.

    But, I agree, free PLR is a good start point and should always be considered for the good old ethical bribe!

    Best wished, Dave

    • Anthony

      Reply Reply 30th October 2018

      I find Free/PLR is great for those moments when you sit down to write something and then you go blank. The industry changes so quickly so something simple like just bringing the PLR articles up to date can sometimes be enough.


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