Here I go

Welcome and thanks for checking out my new blog. This is my step by step business development blog, where I’ll be talking about the steps I’m taking towards a successful online business. Hopefully you will share your experiences too.

My purpose for staring this blog is to share my journey, warts and all, as I walk the walk towards a successful online business. I made my mind up many years ago to attempt to break away from the conventional job model, and although I have been self employed for 17 years I still haven’t achieved the work life balance. Now I wait for customers to come into my shop. It’s cushy but I have no control over how busy I am. Also I have to be open specific hours, not ideal at all.

I have seen many people who have achieved this evasive work life balance, most are using the internet to free themselves from premises and all the additional costs that go with it.

I will be keeping this blog up to date with the developments as I encounter them. Walking through the fog of life warts and all.

During this journey as I continue to grow my online business. I’ll cover topics like how to generate traffic for your website, how to market online, and how to make the most of advertising budgets. There will be honest reviews of books, products, and courses that have helped me along the way. I’ll also give you any tips and tricks that have worked for along the way, and help with personal development.




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